Diffusion-weighted MRI in a liver protocol: its role in focal lesion detection.

  title={Diffusion-weighted MRI in a liver protocol: its role in focal lesion detection.},
  author={Stefano Palmucci and Letizia Antonella Mauro and Martina Messina and Brunella Russo and Giovanni Failla and Pietro Milone and Massimiliano Berretta and Giovanni Carlo Ettorre},
  journal={World journal of radiology},
  volume={4 7},
AIM To evaluate the role of diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) in the detection of focal liver lesions (FLLs), using a conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) protocol. METHODS Fifty-two patients (22 males, average age 55.6 years, range: 25-82 years), studied using a 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance scanner, were retrospectively analyzed; detection of FLLs was evaluated by considering the number of lesions observed with the following sequences: (1) respiratory-triggered diffusion-weighted… CONTINUE READING


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