Diffusion-weighed MR imaging of pancreatic carcinoma

  title={Diffusion-weighed MR imaging of pancreatic carcinoma},
  author={Mitsuru Matsuki and Yuki Inada and Go Nakai and Fuminari Tatsugami and Masato Tanikake and Isamu Narabayashi and Daisuke Masuda and Yoshifumi Arisaka and Kyoichi Takaori and Noboru Tanigawa},
  journal={Abdominal Imaging},
The aim of this study was to demonstrate the feasibility of body diffusion-weighted (DW) MR imaging in the evaluation of a pancreatic carcinoma. In nine normal volunteers and in eight patients with pancreatic carcinoma, DW images were obtained on the axial plane scanning with a multisection spin-echo-type single-shot echo planar sequence with a body coil. Moreover, we measured the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) value in a circular region of interest (ROI) within the normal pancreas… CONTINUE READING