Diffusion tensor tracking of callosal fibers several years after callosotomy.

  title={Diffusion tensor tracking of callosal fibers several years after callosotomy.},
  author={Francesca Benedetta Pizzini and Gabriele Polonara and Giulia Mascioli and Alberto Beltramello and Roberto Foroni and Aldo Paggi and Ugo Salvolini and Giancarlo Tassinari and Mara Fabri},
  journal={Brain research},
Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) can provide more detailed in vivo information on the structural preservation of transected white matter tracts than conventional imaging methods. Here we show for the first time tracks of severed callosal fibers up to 17 years from resection. Five patients subjected to complete or partial callosotomy several years before the study were examined with DTI and compared to a normal control. Transected fibers were traced in all patients and were more clearly visible in… CONTINUE READING