Diffusion tensor MRI post mortem demonstrated cerebral white matter pathology

  title={Diffusion tensor MRI post mortem demonstrated cerebral white matter pathology},
  author={PhD Elisabet Englund and Martin Sj{\"o}beck and S. Brockstedt and Jimmy L{\"a}tt MSc and PhD Elna-Marie Larsson},
  journal={Journal of Neurology},
Sirs: Cerebral white matter changes are a challenge to investigators of dementia, because of their high prevalence and alleged clinical importance in the dementing disease process. Findings of ischemic and other white matter alterations on neuroimaging and in neuropathology are difficult to match adequately. The new MR technique, diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) has the potential to become a powerful tool for the detection of anisotropy-related alterations in tissues, including subtle and diffuse… CONTINUE READING


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