• Chemistry
  • Published 1996

Diffusion of Zinc in In_xGa_(1-x)As, InP and GaAs

  title={Diffusion of Zinc in In_xGa_(1-x)As, InP and GaAs},
  author={Zhuang Wanr},
Zinc has been diffused into n-type InxGa1-xAs, InP and GaAs in closed ampoules, and the experimental data for InxGa1-xAs rarely reported previously have been obtained. Theoretically the linear relationship between logarithmic diffusion coefficient InD and the composition x has been demonstrated, which is in good agreement with the experimental results. The calculated diffusion junction depth for InGaAs based on the diffusion model in which D∝ c2 is assumed also agrees well with that of the… CONTINUE READING