Diffusion constant in gel electrophoresis at high fields.


We present new measurements of the diffusion constant D in standard (slab-gel) electrophoresis of DNA at fields up to 10 V/cm. Molecules investigated are bacteriophages: T4 of length 173 kbp and lambda of length 48.5 kbp cut by restriction enzyme HindIII. We show, that D increases with the molecule length for electric field E above 5 V/cm. The results are… (More)


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@article{Krawczyk2004DiffusionCI, title={Diffusion constant in gel electrophoresis at high fields.}, author={Małgorzata J. Krawczyk and Jozef Dulak and Paweł Paściak and Krzysztof Kułakowski}, journal={Electrophoresis}, year={2004}, volume={25 6}, pages={785-9} }