Diffuse gastrointestinal involvement of mantle cell lymphoma.

  title={Diffuse gastrointestinal involvement of mantle cell lymphoma.},
  author={Murat Meral and Mustafa Demirpençe and Can G{\"o}nen and Mesut Akarsu and Hasan Kayahan and Fatih Demirkan and Aydanur Kargi and Hale Akpinar},
  journal={The Turkish journal of gastroenterology : the official journal of Turkish Society of Gastroenterology},
  volume={19 2},
The gastrointestinal tract is the predominant site of appearance of extranodal non-Hodgkin lymphomas. The most frequent endoscopic finding of mantle cell lymphoma is multiple lymphomatous polyposis, which is a very rare entity. Multiple lymphomatous polyposis is characterized by multiple polypoid lesions involving long segments of the gastrointestinal tract and it accounts for 2% of primary gastrointestinal tract lymphomas. A 68-year-old patient was admitted to our clinic with intermittent… CONTINUE READING