Diffuse bilateral thalamic astrocytomas as examined serially by MRI

  title={Diffuse bilateral thalamic astrocytomas as examined serially by MRI},
  author={Manabu Yoshida and Shinji Fushiki and Yoshihiro Takeuchi and Mami Takanashi and Toshihiko Imamura and Takuma Shikata and Akira Morimoto and Kiyosaburo Konishi and Akihiro Miyazaki and Tadashi Sawada},
  journal={Child's Nervous System},
We report the case of a 13-year-old girl with diffuse bilateral thalamic astrocytomas. Incoordination was observed at the onset. Cranial computed tomography (CT) showed enlarged thalami, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed these lesions to be symmetrically enlarged with high intensity on the T2-weighted image. Owing to these atypical findings in the neuroimaging studies, we had difficulty in making the correct diagnosis of a brain tumor. After the diagnosis of diffuse bilateral… CONTINUE READING


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