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Diffuse Neck Swelling after Car Accident

  title={Diffuse Neck Swelling after Car Accident},
  author={huan-Wu Chen and Sheng-Chau Huang and Huan-Wen Chen and Kou-Mou Huang},
The neck connects the head with the trunk, and is easily injuried due to trauma. Herein we reported a case with diffuse neck swelling after car accident. She suffered from progressive dyspnea and cyanosis 3 hours after the accident and needed airway maintenance with tracheostomy. A plain lateral radiograph and computed tomography scan of the neck showed diffuse edema at deep neck spaces. We reviewed the medical literature on this subject, discussed the possible causes and management of the neck… Expand


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  • I. Brook
  • Medicine
  • Infectious disease clinics of North America
  • 1988
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