Diffuse Iris Melanoma in a Cat

  title={Diffuse Iris Melanoma in a Cat},
  author={Jo{\~a}o Antonio Tadeu Pigatto and Paula Stieven H{\"u}nning and Ana Carolina da Veiga Rodarte de Almeida and Fabiana and Quartiero Pereira and Luciana Vicente Rosa Paccico de Freitas and Cristiano Mendes Gomes and Fabiana Schiochet and G Rigon and David Driemeier},
Background: Diffuse iris melanoma is rare, although is the most common primary intraocular neoplasm in cats, and is an unusual variant of anterior uveal melanoma. This neoplasm is malignant with high potential methastazed. Affects olders cats without breed or sex predisposition. The diagnosis can be made with fine needle aspiration cytology of anterior segment. The treatment is variable and depends of clinical signs evolution. The enucleation is commonly indicated when ocurred iridal pigment… CONTINUE READING