Diffractive electroproduction of ρ and ϕ mesons at HERA

  title={Diffractive electroproduction of ρ and ϕ mesons at HERA},
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  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Diffractive electroproduction of ρ and ϕ mesons is measured at HERA with the H1 detector in the elastic and proton dissociative channels. The data correspond to an integrated luminosity of 51 pb−1. About 10500 ρ and 2000 φ events are analysed in the kinematic range of squared photon virtuality 2.5 ≤ Q2 ≤ 60 GeV2, photon-proton centre of mass energy 35 ≤ W ≤ 180 GeV and squared four-momentum transfer to the proton |t| ≤ 3 GeV2. The total, longitudinal and transverse cross sections are measured… CONTINUE READING