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Diffraction of light by a nanowire

  title={Diffraction of light by a nanowire},
  author={Katarzyna Krzy.zanowska and Sergey Leble},
  journal={arXiv: Classical Physics},
A general scattering problem of a plane electromagnetic wave on an infinite cylindrical rod is formulated and solved in a form of Bessel functions series expansion. The conductivity account via Ohm law directly in Maxwell equation leads to complex wavenumber and hence the complex arguments of Bessel functions inside the cylinder. The general formula for averaged by period Pointing vector is derived. For numerical calculations asymptotics of Bessel functions are used. Dependence of scattered… 

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Plane wave excitation of an infinite dielectric rod

  • R. Keam
  • Physics
    IEEE Microwave and Guided Wave Letters
  • 1994
The analysis of the fields induced inside and scattered externally by an infinite dielectric rod in an incident plane-polarized TEM wave is presented. It is assumed that the incident wave is

Book-Review - Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles

BASIC THEORY. Electromagnetic Theory. Absorption and Scattering by an Arbitrary Particle. Absorption and Scattering by a Sphere. Particles Small Compared with the Wavelength. Rayleigh--Gans Theory.

A precise optical determination of nanoscale diameters of semiconductor nanowires

An optical method based on dark field optical microscopy is presented to easily determine the diameters of individual NWs with an accuracy of a few nanometers and thus a relative error of less than 10%.