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Diffraction limited centimeter scale radiator: metasurface grating antenna for phased array LiDAR

  title={Diffraction limited centimeter scale radiator: metasurface grating antenna for phased array LiDAR},
  author={Weiqiang Xie and Jinxi Huang and Tin Komljenovic and Larry A. Coldren and John Edward Bowers},
  journal={arXiv: Applied Physics},
In this paper, we demonstrate a radiation-strength-chirped metasurface centimeter-long grating antenna, whose beam quality is approaching the diffraction limit in its footprint with 90 percent efficiency.Instead of chirping the duty cycle to tune radiation strength, which calls for non-scalable fabrication resolution, we design a 2D fish-bone surface grating with apodized width of the bone.The meta surface is made by silicon nitride on top of silicon waveguide to weakly perturb the mode… 

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