Diffraction enhanced x-ray imaging.

  title={Diffraction enhanced x-ray imaging.},
  author={Dean Chapman and William Thomlinson and R. Eugene Johnston and Donald Washburn and Elisabetta Pisano and N Gm{\"u}r and Z Zhong and ralf. menk and Fulvia Arfelli and Dale E Sayers},
  journal={Physics in medicine and biology},
  volume={42 11},
Diffraction enhanced imaging is a new x-ray radiographic imaging modality using monochromatic x-rays from a synchrotron which produces images of thick absorbing objects that are almost completely free of scatter. They show dramatically improved contrast over standard imaging applied to the same phantom. The contrast is based not only on attenuation but also the refraction and diffraction properties of the sample. This imaging method may improve image quality for medical applications, industrial… CONTINUE READING
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