Diffraction Effects in Pulse-Echo Measurement

  title={Diffraction Effects in Pulse-Echo Measurement},
  author={Mathias Fink and Jean-François Cardoso},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Sonics and Ultrasonics},
  • M. Fink, J. Cardoso
  • Published 1 July 1984
  • Physics
  • IEEE Transactions on Sonics and Ultrasonics
On etudie comment les effets de la diffraction accentuent les limitations dans les mesures utilisant la methode par echo-impulsion et comment ces limitations peuvent etre surmontees pour des transducteurs avec ou sans focalisation 
A Generalized Framework for Incoherent Pulse Echo Processing and Imaging: The Random Phase Transducer Approach
Spectral estimation and envelope detection are widely used tools in tissue characterization and ultrasound imaging. They are used in backscattered field and attenuation measurements. However, in
On Understanding the Relationship Between Ultrasound Speckle and the Scattering Microstructure
Recent studies on the statistics of the envelope of the ultrasound echo signal from a random scattering medium suggest that the statistical moments of the signal may carry quantitative information
Interférométrie Speckle ultrasonore : application à la mesure d'élasticité
L'objectif de ce travail est de realiser un outil de mesure de l'elasticite des milieux biologiques. L'idee est d'employer les ultrasons pour detecter des ondes de cisaillement generees par un « coup
An hybrid Wigner-Ville approach to estimate the ultrasound attenuation in soft biological tissue
The short time Fourier analysis and the short time autoregressive analysis are compared to new techniques based upon the Wigner-Ville transform with parametric and non parametric approaches and a new frequency estimator called the mean resonating frequency is proposed.
This paper describes the image formation in medical ultrasound for the case of scattering media. The texture statistics are dominated by speckle formation which results from random interference of
Contribution expérimentale à l'étude de la diffusion multiple des ultrasons en régimes de propagation linéaire et non linéaire
Ces travaux de these experimentaux portent sur la propagation lineaire et non lineaire d'ultrasons en milieux aleatoires fortement heterogenes. En regime non lineaire, nous etudions la transmission
Déconvolution adaptative pour le contrôle non destructif par ultrasons
Nous nous interessons au controle non destructif par ultrasons des materiaux industriels. En pratique, les signaux receptionnes par le transducteur ultrasonore sont analyses pour detecter les
Time recompression of dispersive Lamb waves using a time reversal mirror-application to flaw detection in thin plates
  • R. Ing, M. Fink
  • Physics
    1996 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium. Proceedings
  • 1996
In this paper, the time reversal processing is applied to compensate for the effect of dispersive Lamb waves. A time reversal mirror, made of a 32 element transducer array is coupled to a Duralumin
Partially Coherent Transducers: The Random Phase Transducer Approach
We present a unified framework that explains the limitations of incoherent processing in terms of the information grain theory. This theory predicts the gains in SNR as well as the losses in
Edge Diffraction Phenomena in High-Resolution Acoustical Imaging
In flat and homogeneous areas reflected radiation is the sole reason of output signal formation. Distinctions in reflectivity, interference of directly reflected radiation and leaky surface waves


Theoretical Study of Pulsed Echographic Focusing Procedures
This paper is devoted to a theoretical evaluation of the pulsed echographic response of spherical focusing apertures used in B-scan imagery. Loss-less as well as absorbing medium are investigated.
Diffraction Correction in Pulse-Echo Attenuation Measurements
In the estimation of ultrasound attenuation in biological tissue, diffraction phenomena introduce bias due to their depth dependent filtering effect. The spectral h igh frequency c omposition is
Ultrasound Transducers for Pulse-Echo Medical Imaging
The transducer is probably the single most important component of any ultrasonic imaging system and the techniques for modeling the electromechanical impulse response are reviewed, with emphasis on the spatio-temporal impulse response technique.
Ultrasonic Signal Processing for in Vivo Attenuation Measurement: Short Time Fourier Analysis
The use of short-time Fourier analysis is investigated to provide an estimation of the echographic spectral composition as a function of time and it will be shown that the time dependence of the spectral centroid of this representation allows one to deduce easily the frequency-dependent attenuation.
New Approaches Towards Quantitative Echography
Among all the acoustic parameters of a biological tissue, the attenuation is an indicator sensitive to the pathology of an organ. Considering the basic non stationary properties of the ultrasonic
Sonic nearfields of a pulsed piston radiator
The formation of sonic pulses in the nearfield region of a pulsed piston radiator has been investigated by simulation on a digital computer. The results give insight into the sonic radiation process,
Nearfield and farfield of pulsed acoustic radiators
The acoustic field of a baffled piston source of any shape and with nonuniform velocity distribution is considered, utilizing a generalized version of the impulse response approach developed by
General relationships between ultrasonic attenuation and dispersion
General relationships between the ultrasonic attenuation and dispersion are presented. The validity of these nonlocal relationships hinges only on the properties of causality and linearity, and does