Diffracting Diffraction: Cutting Together-Apart

  title={Diffracting Diffraction: Cutting Together-Apart},
  author={Karen Barad},
  pages={168 - 187}
Diffraction owes as much to a thick legacy of feminist theorizing about difference as it does to physics. As such, I want to begin by re-turning – not by returning as in reflecting on or going back to a past that was, but re-turning as in turning it over and over again – iteratively intra-acting, re-diffracting, diffracting anew, in the making of new temporalities (spacetimematterings), new diffraction patterns. We might imagine re-turning as a multiplicity of processes, such as the kinds… 
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Physico mathesis de lumine, coloribus, et iride, aliisque annexis libri duo (Bologna: Vittorio Bonati, 1665)
    An Interview with Gloria Anzaldu´a
      On the Theory of Light and Colors' (proposition VIII)
      • Journal of Natural Philosophy
      Karen Barad, forthcoming! The reference here
        The title of Trinh's 2011 book
          Specters of Marx on hauntology; and Karen Barad, 'Quantum Entanglements