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Difficulties in Learning Prepositions and Possible Solutions

  title={Difficulties in Learning Prepositions and Possible Solutions},
  author={Kristen Lorincz and Rebekah Gordon},

Investigating Preposition Usage Problems of English Language Education Study Program Students

As one of the English grammar elements, prepositions might be considered difficult for students of English as a foreign language (EFL). Many studies on this topic have been conducted but it remains

Sentence-level Feedback Generation for English Language Learners: Does Data Augmentation Help?

This paper presents strong baselines for the task of Feedback Comment Generation for Writing Learning, and presents extensive analysis of the generated comments with the aim of aiding future studies in feedback comment generation for English language learners.

Analysis of Errors in Oral Production of French L3 Learners of Level A2 at a High School in Ecuador

The present study explores the possible sources of the most frequent errors in oral production of teenage native Spanish speakers who are learners of French and have also received instruction in

An Analysis of Prepositional related errors in English Composition of Upper Primary Learners in Kieni East Sub County in Nyeri County

— The research sought to investigate prepositional errors on English usage. There has been a big outcry in the field of English language learning about the falling levels of proficiency in English

The Effectiveness of Online Based Multimedia in Teaching Preposition of Place through Scientific Approach at EFL Classroom

This present study aims to investigate the effectiveness of using online based multimedia by using scientific approach in teaching preposition of place. The researcher used only control group and

A Corpus of Adpositional Supersenses for Mandarin Chinese

This paper presents a corpus in which all adpositions have been semantically annotated in Mandarin Chinese; to the best of the knowledge, this is the first Chinese corpus to be broadly annotated with adposition semantics.

Teaching Prepositions to EFL Learners Using Contemporary Methodologies of Teaching

  • Education
  • 2019
The aim of the Master Thesis is to investigate the effectiveness of using contemporary methodologies of teaching as a learning medium in boosting students’ mastery of preposition of time, the impact


This study aims to analyse grammatical problems in writing encountered by undergraduates in Malaysian University English Test (MUET), and to determine whether teachers’ teaching backgrounds and

Student Writers’ Categories of Construals and Sense of the English Preposition on: A cognitive linguistics study

  • Ruswan Dallyono
  • Education
    Proceedings of the Second Conference on Language, Literature, Education, and Culture (ICOLLITE 2018)
  • 2019
This study aims to investigate the categories of construal’s and senses of the English preposition ‘on’ used by Indonesian and American student writers in their master’s and doctoral theses and to

Common Errors in Prepositions Committed by Grade 9 Students: Implications for Teaching.

Prepositions are small words that serve important functions in the meaning of sentences. They show relationships between persons, objects, places etc. They also act as vital markers to the sentence



Prepositions: Meaning and Method.

Applying cognitive linguistics to teaching the Spanish prepositions por and para

L2 prepositions are traditionally taught in a non-explanatory manner by having students learn each use individually. This study examines the effectiveness of an alternative explanatory approach based

Data-driven learning and teaching collocation of prepositions: The case of Iranian EFL adult learners

  • Asian EFL Journal,
  • 2006

Applied English syntax: Foundations for word, phrase, and sentence analysis

  • 2010

Frequency and variability in errors in the use of english prepositions

Results show that preposition errors are the most common of all errors, and there is considerable difference in the frequency of error types: substitution errors are far more common than omission or addition errors.

Difficulties in Learning Prepositions and Possible Solutions Published by The Repository at St

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Difficulties in Learning Prepositions and Possible Solutions Published by theRepository at St

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