Difficult Channel Instance Generator for VLSI Physical Design Automation using Genetic Algorithm

  title={Difficult Channel Instance Generator for VLSI Physical Design Automation using Genetic Algorithm},
  author={Swagata Saha Sau and Rajat Kumar Pal},
  journal={Indian journal of science and technology},
  • S. S. Sau, R. Pal
  • Published 7 April 2017
  • Computer Science
  • Indian journal of science and technology
Objectives: The wire length minimization of Channel routing problem is NP-hard. There are several heuristic algorithms available in the literature to get the feasible routing solutions using some limited instances. Here we want to generate all possible random channel instances based on Genetic Algorithm (GA). Methods/ Statistical Analysis: The present paper is described in three phases. In the first phase, we generate fixed size initial population based on some strategies and define the fitness… 

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