Differentiation therapy of myelodysplastic syndromes with retinoic acid.

  title={Differentiation therapy of myelodysplastic syndromes with retinoic acid.},
  author={Ryuzo Ohno},
  journal={Leukemia & lymphoma},
  volume={14 5-6},
  • Ryuzo Ohno
  • Published in Leukemia & lymphoma 1994
  • Medicine
  • Clinical trials of differentiation therapy on MDS with retinoic acid are reviewed, and it is discussed whether the differentiation therapy with this drug has scientific relevance for MDS. 13-Cis retinoic acid (13-CRA) may have moderate effect on 20-30% of patients with MDS. In general, the responses are short and toxicity is significant. Since the responses may take at least three weeks and sometimes several months to occur, only patients with a relatively indolent clinical course of MDS would… CONTINUE READING

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