Differentiation of somatic mitochondria and the structural changes in mtDNA during development of the dicyemid Dicyema japonicum (Mesozoa)

  title={Differentiation of somatic mitochondria and the structural changes in mtDNA during development of the dicyemid Dicyema japonicum (Mesozoa)},
  author={Hiroko Awata and T. Noto and H. Endoh},
  journal={Molecular Genetics and Genomics},
Dicyemids (Mesozoa) are extremely simple multicellular parasites found in the kidneys of cephalopods. Their mitochondria are known to contain single-gene minicircle DNAs. However, it is not known if the minicircles represent the sole form of mitochondrial genome in these organisms. Here we demonstrate that high-molecular-weight (HMW) mtDNA is present in dicyemids. This form of mtDNA is probably limited to germ cells, and has been analyzed by PCR and Southern hybridization. In situ hybridization… Expand
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