Differentiation of phyllodes tumors versus fibroadenomas.

  title={Differentiation of phyllodes tumors versus fibroadenomas.},
  author={Erkan Yilmaz and Selma Sal and Banu Lebe},
  journal={Acta radiologica},
  volume={43 1},
PURPOSE To determine if mammographic and sonographic findings allow discrimination between phyllodes tumor and large sized fibroadenoma, which mimic each other in the clinical, radiologic and histopathologic appearances. MATERIAL AND METHODS Thirty-one histopathologically proven masses including 12 phyllodes tumors and 19 fibroadenomas 3 cm or greater in diameter were compared. In total 28 women were retrospectively evaluated by mammography and pre-operative sonography. RESULTS Mammography… CONTINUE READING


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