Differentiation of mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosomes in Russian populations.

  title={Differentiation of mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosomes in Russian populations.},
  author={B. A. Malyarchuk and Miroslava V. Derenko and Tomasz Grzybowski and Arina Lunkina and Jakub Czarny and Serge Yu Rychkov and Irina Morozova and Galina Denisova and Danuta Miścicka-Śliwka},
  journal={Human biology},
  volume={76 6},
The genetic composition of the Russian population was investigated by analyzing both mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and Y-chromosome loci polymorphisms that allow for the different components of a population gene pool to be studied, depending on the mode of DNA marker inheritance. mtDNA sequence variation was examined by using hypervariable segment I (HVSI) sequencing and restriction analysis of the haplogroup-specific sites in 325 individuals representing 5 Russian populations from the European… CONTINUE READING