Differentiation of Ménière's disease and migraine-associated dizziness: a review.

  • Neil T. Shepard
  • Published 2006 in Journal of the American Academy of Audiology


A significant body of literature exists demonstrating a relationship between migraine disorders and dizziness. In the characterizations of the migraine-associated dizziness, the signs and symptoms show overlap with those characterizing Meniere's disease. There has been literature, beginning with Ménière himself, suggesting a relationship between Ménière's disease and migraine-associated dizziness. This implicates a possible underlying link in pathogenesis. This review article presents a discussion of the overlap in signs and symptoms between the two disorders. Suggestions for differentiating between the disorders based on recent literature protocols and use of test results are also discussed. Vestibular and balance rehabilitation programs have a role in both of the disorders but differ in the overall management aspects of the disorders. The distinction in the use of vestibular rehabilitation is discussed.

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