Differentiated thyroid carcinoma in lingual thyroid

  title={Differentiated thyroid carcinoma in lingual thyroid},
  author={Giacomo carlo Sturniolo and Maria Antonia Violi and Bruno Galletti and Sergio Baldari and A Campenn{\`I} and Francesco Vermiglio and Mariacarla Moleti},
The lingual thyroid is the most common form of thyroid ectopy. The ectopic tissue may display any disease affecting the thyroid, including malignancies, which have an estimated incidence of less than 1 %. To date only 51 cases of lingual thyroid cancer were reported. Analogously to what observed in orthotopic thyroid, papillary carcinoma is the predominant histotype in lingual thyroid carcinoma. The higher frequency of lingual follicular thyroid carcinoma previously reported is possibly related… CONTINUE READING