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Differentiated Instruction : Setting the Pedagogy Straight

  title={Differentiated Instruction : Setting the Pedagogy Straight},
  • Published 2012
The most common sentiment among readers of books on differentiated instruction (DI) is that DI is just good teaching. It’s whatever conscientious teachers do to increase students’ learning over that which otherwise could be achieved by a one-size-fits-all approach. Simultaneously, DI builds learner dexterity and self-advocacy so students can handle anything that is not differentiated for them. If it’s so constructive, why would anyone declare differentiated instruction a corruption of… Expand
The Effect of Differentiated Instruction on Standardized Assessment Performance of Students in the Middle School Mathematics Classroom.
Evidence obtained through classroom observations revealed deficiencies in effective instructional delivery of differentiated strategies, emphasizing the need for ongoing, quality professional development and support for educators. Expand
Educational Inequality: A Case Study of Instructional Strategies and Student Engagement
The United States has long been dubbed, “the land of opportunity,” but is there equality within those opportunities and more importantly, are today’s students receiving fair and just services withinExpand
The self-reported relationship between a teacher's perception of learner characteristics for students with disabilities and a teacher's use of differentiated instruction in Georgia public schools grades 6-12
The purpose of this quantitative multivariate correlational study was to determine if there is a significant relationship between a general education teacher’s perception of learner characteristicsExpand
Investigating the factors of difficulty in the Implementation of Differentiated Instruction in Greek Primary Education
Differentiation of teaching and learning is a modern approach to the design and organization of the whole teaching process in mixed ability classrooms (Koutselini, 2008, Theofilides, 2008, Tomlinson,Expand