Differentially expressed olfactomedin-related glycoproteins (Pancortins) in the brain.

  title={Differentially expressed olfactomedin-related glycoproteins (Pancortins) in the brain.},
  author={Takuya Nagano and Ayako Nakamura and Yasutake Mori and Masatomo Maeda and Tsuneaki Takami and Sadao Shiosaka and Hitoshi Takagi and Masami Sato},
  journal={Brain research. Molecular brain research},
  volume={53 1-2},
Messenger RNA differential display is conducted to search for genes that are expressed in a region-specific pattern in the rodent brain. Eleven novel gene fragments are isolated. One of these genes which we call pancortin, based on its predominant mRNA expression in the cerebral cortex of the adult, is studied. These pancortin cDNA clones are grouped into… CONTINUE READING