Differential systemic and intrapulmonary TNF-alpha production in Candida sepsis during immunosuppression.


Candida albicans (CA) increasingly causes septic shock, acute lung injury, and multiple organ damage during immunosuppression-related neutropenia. However, the effects of neutrophil (PMN) depletion on induction of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF) by CA and its potential mediation of Candida septic shock are unknown. We hypothesized that reduced CA uptake by circulating PMNs during cyclophosphamide (CY)-related neutropenia sensitizes to TNF-mediated shock from enhanced cytokine production after phagocytosis by tissue macrophages. Absolute or relative neutropenia (PMNs < or = 500/microliters or 2,500/microliters) was modeled in rats by intraperitoneal CY 4-8 days before 10(9) yeast-phase CA (acute studies < or = 24 h, n = 81 animals) or 10(6) CA (subacute studies < or = 72 h, n = 25). Compared with neutrophil-sufficient rats, absolute neutropenia accelerated hemodynamic collapse and respiratory distress after 10(9) CA, and pulmonary microvascular permeability was amplified. These changes evolved without increased candidemia or elevations in bioactive or antigenic serum TNF, which remained low even at death (42.3 +/- 14.8 U/ml vs. 12.6 +/- 2.9 U/ml for CY + saline, means +/- SE, P = NS). In contrast, significant TNF in lung tissue and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) was evident within 6 h in CY + 10(9) CA rats. Electron microscopy confirmed hyphal proliferation into alveoli from yeast within mononuclear cells in lung capillaries. Subacute disseminated candidiasis after 10(6) CA was not associated with elevated serum, lung, or BALF TNF. We conclude that differential systemic and intrapulmonary TNF production occur in CA septic shock during preexisting neutropenia, with compartmentalized TNF production in the lower respiratory tract accompanying yeast-mycelial transformation. Thus TNF is not an obligate mediator of acute candidemic shock or subacute disseminated candidiasis during CY-induced immunosuppression but may initiate pulmonary injury accompanying high-grade candidemia.

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