Differential stimulation of the GTPase activity of G-proteins by polylysine.

  title={Differential stimulation of the GTPase activity of G-proteins by polylysine.},
  author={Marcelo Antonelli and Juan Olate and Roland Graf and Catherine C. Allende and Jorge E. Allende},
  journal={Biochemical pharmacology},
  volume={44 3},
Polylysine, polyornithine and, to a lesser extent, polyarginine were found to stimulate the GTPase activity of the purified recombinant alpha subunit of the human G(i)-3 transducing protein alpha i-3. Optimal stimulation of 4- to 5-fold was obtained with polylysine concentrations between 1 and 20 microM, higher concentrations being inhibitory. Polylysine at similar concentrations stimulated by 50% the GTPase of transducin (GT), the vision transducing protein, but had only a very slight effect… CONTINUE READING