Differential release of mast cell interleukin-6 via c-kit.

  title={Differential release of mast cell interleukin-6 via c-kit.},
  author={Eleni Gagari and Mindy Tsai and Chris S. Lantz and Lisa G Fox and Stephen J. Galli},
  volume={89 8},
Mast cells represent a potential source of interleukin-6 (IL-6) and other cytokines that have been implicated in host defense, tissue maintenance/remodeling, immunoregulation, and many other biologic responses. In acquired immune responses to parasites or allergens, the extensive IgE-dependent activation of mast cells via Fc epsilonRI can result in the release of large quantities of biogenic amines that are stored in the cells' cytoplasmic granules as well as the production of lipid mediators… CONTINUE READING
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