Differential regulation of Effector and Regulatory T cell function by Blimp1

  title={Differential regulation of Effector and Regulatory T cell function by Blimp1},
  author={Rashmi Bankoti and Chihiro Ogawa and Truc Lam Nguyen and Lena Emadi and Michael Couse and Soofia Salehi and Xuemo Sean Fan and Deepti Dhall and Yizhou Wang and Jordan L Brown and Vincent A. Funari and Jie Tang and Gisl{\^a}ine Aparecida Martins},
  booktitle={Scientific Reports},
The transcriptional regulator Blimp1 plays crucial roles in controlling terminal differentiation in several lineages. In T cells, Blimp1 is expressed in both effector (Teff) and regulatory (Treg) cells, and mice with T cell-specific deletion of Blimp1 (Blimp1CKO mice) spontaneously develop severe intestinal inflammation, indicating a crucial role for Blimp1 in T cell homeostasis regulation. Blimp1 has been shown to function as a direct activator of the Il10 gene and although its requirement for… CONTINUE READING
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