Differential modulation of astrocyte cytokine gene expression by TGF-beta.

  title={Differential modulation of astrocyte cytokine gene expression by TGF-beta.},
  author={Etty Nadia Benveniste and Jaeyul Kwon and Wen Jing Chung and Julia A Sampson and Kumar Pandya and Li Ping Tang},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={153 11},
In this study, we demonstrate that TGF-beta inhibits TNF-alpha expression, and induces/enhances IL-6 expression by primary rat astrocytes. Treatment of astrocytes with TGF-beta alone had no effect on TNF-alpha mRNA or protein expression; however, TGF-beta suppressed induction of TNF-alpha expression by three different stimuli (IFN-gamma/LPS, IFN-gamma/IL-1 beta, TNF-alpha) at both the protein and mRNA level. The extent of TGF-beta-mediated inhibition was greatest when astrocytes were pretreated… CONTINUE READING
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