Differential invasion success among biotypes: case of Bemisia tabaci

  title={Differential invasion success among biotypes: case of Bemisia tabaci},
  author={Helene Delatte and Pierre-François Duyck and Aur{\'e}lie Triboire and Patrice David and Nathalie Becker and Olivier Bonato and Bernard Reynaud},
  journal={Biological Invasions},
Studies on success or failures of biological invasions by different insect biotypes are scarce and could provide interesting insights into the traits that determine greater or lower ability to invade. Life history traits of invasive whiteflies Bemisia tabaci of the B biotype (known as a worldwide invasive biotype) and of the indigenous biotype Ms (not known as an invader anywhere in the world), both from the island of La Réunion (Indian Ocean), were compared for this purpose. In our study we… CONTINUE READING
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