Differential herbivory on C3 versus C4 grasses by the grasshopper Ageneotettix deorum (Orthoptera: acrididae)

  title={Differential herbivory on C3 versus C4 grasses by the grasshopper Ageneotettix deorum (Orthoptera: acrididae)},
  author={Timothy Heidorn and Anthony Joern},
The hypothesis that graminivorous grasshoppers select C3 grasses over C4 grasses was tested with experiments in the field. It was found that the generalist, graminivorous grasshopper Ageneotettix deorum typically chooses C3 as opposed to C4 grasses when both types are equally available. This preference is attributed to the differences in leaf anatomies of C3 and C4 plants since crude protein, water, lignin, fiber, and silicon content or the size of the individual leaves tested do not explain… CONTINUE READING
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