Differential effects of the null alleles at the three Wx loci on the starch-pasting properties of wheat

  title={Differential effects of the null alleles at the three Wx loci on the starch-pasting properties of wheat},
  author={Etsuko Araki and Hideho Miura and Souhei Sawada},
  journal={Theoretical and Applied Genetics},
The amylose/amylopectin ratio and the pasting properties of wheat starch are important in producing marketable flour products, especially Japanese noodles. To determine if null mutations at the three Wx loci confer differences in starch-pasting viscosity, we analyzed the variation associated with the null mutations in three separate sets of recombinant substitution lines of chromosomes 7A, 4A and 7D produced from crosses between Chinese Spring and three single-chromosome substitution lines… CONTINUE READING
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