Differential effects of the <ce:italic>APOE</ce:italic> genotype on brain function across the lifespan

  title={Differential effects of the <ce:italic>APOE</ce:italic> genotype on brain function across the lifespan},
  author={Nicola Filippini and Klaus P. Ebmeier and B. J. MacIntosh and Aaron J. Trachtenberg and Giovanni B. Frisoni and G. K. Wilcock and Christian F. Beckmann and Steve M. Smith and Paul M. Matthews and Clare E. Mackay},
Increasing age and carrying an APOE ε4 allele are well established risk factors for Alzheimer's disease (AD). The earlier age of onset of AD observed in ε4-carriers may reflect an accelerated aging process. We recently reported that APOE genotype modulates brain function decades before the appearance of any cognitive or clinical symptoms. Here we test the hypothesis that APOE influences brain aging by comparing healthy ε4-carriers and non-carriers, using the same imaging protocol in distinct… CONTINUE READING


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