Differential effects of general amino acid control of lysine biosynthesis on penicillin formation in strains of Penicillium chrysogenum.

  title={Differential effects of general amino acid control of lysine biosynthesis on penicillin formation in strains of Penicillium chrysogenum.},
  author={C H{\"o}nlinger and W. Hampel and Max R{\"o}hr and Christian Peter Kubicek},
  journal={The Journal of antibiotics},
  volume={41 2},
The biosynthesis of penicillin by strains Penicillium chrysogenum requires a supply of of the amino acids valine, cysteine and a-aminoadipic acid1}. a-Aminoadipic acid has received most attention since it is an intermediate of lysine biosynthesis in fungi2) and therefore forms a branch point between lysine and penicillin biosynthesis in P. chrysogenumz~6). Higher producing strains of P. chrysogenum were shown to contain higher intracellular a-aminoadipate pool concentrations during penicillin… CONTINUE READING


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