Differential effectiveness of novel and old legume–rhizobia mutualisms: implications for invasion by exotic legumes

  title={Differential effectiveness of novel and old legume–rhizobia mutualisms: implications for invasion by exotic legumes},
  author={Susana Rodr{\'i}guez-Echeverr{\'i}a and Susana Fajardo and Beatriz Ru{\'i}z-D{\'i}ez and Mercedes Fern{\'a}ndez-Pascual},
The degree of specialization in the legume–rhizobium mutualism and the variation in the response to different potential symbionts are crucial factors for understanding the process of invasion by exotic legumes and the consequences for the native resident plants and bacteria. The enhanced novel mutualism hypothesis predicts that exotic invasive legumes would take advantage of native rhizobia present in the invaded soils. However, recent studies have shown that exotic legumes might become… CONTINUE READING


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