Differential distribution of adenosine receptors in rat cochlea

  title={Differential distribution of adenosine receptors in rat cochlea},
  author={Srdjan M Vlajkovic and Shukri Abi and Carol J. Wang and Gary D. Housley and Peter R Thorne},
  journal={Cell and Tissue Research},
Adenosine is a constitutive cell metabolite that can be released from cells via specific bi-directional transporters and is an end-point for nucleotide hydrolysis. In the extracellular space, adenosine becomes a signalling molecule for P1 (adenosine) receptors that modulate physiological responses in a wide range of mammalian tissues. Whereas adenosine signalling has been implicated in the regulation of cochlear blood flow and in cochlear protection from oxidative damage, the potential roles… CONTINUE READING