Differential display implicates cyclophilin A in adult cortical plasticity.


Removal of retinal input from a restricted region of adult cat visual cortex leads to a substantial reorganization of the retinotopy within the sensory-deprived cortical zone. Little is known about the molecular mechanisms underlying this reorganization. We used differential mRNA display (DDRT-PCR) to compare gene expression patterns between normal control… (More)


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@article{Arckens2003DifferentialDI, title={Differential display implicates cyclophilin A in adult cortical plasticity.}, author={Lutgarde Arckens and Estel Van der Gucht and Gert D. van den Bergh and Ann MacLean Massie and Inge Leysen and Eric Vandenbussche and Ulf T. Eysel and Roger Huybrechts and Frans Vandesande}, journal={The European journal of neuroscience}, year={2003}, volume={18 1}, pages={61-75} }