Differential diagnosis of toothache pain. Part 2, nonodontogenic etiologies.

  title={Differential diagnosis of toothache pain. Part 2, nonodontogenic etiologies.},
  author={Lisa P Germain},
  journal={Dentistry today},
  volume={31 8},
  pages={84, 86, 88-9}
A variety of pain disorders involve the head, neck, jaws, and face. Many contradicting symptoms may exist when a patient presents with multiple problems. In order to diagnose and treat dental disease, a thorough understanding of both odontogenic and nonodontogenic etiologies of toothache pain is paramount. Harvey McGehee, a noteworthy medical diagnostician, wrote: "In making the diagnosis of the cause of illness in an individual case, calculations of probability have no meaning. The pertinent… CONTINUE READING
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