Differential diagnosis of fat-containing lesions in the inguinal canal using ultrasound

  title={Differential diagnosis of fat-containing lesions in the inguinal canal using ultrasound},
  author={A. Smereczyński and Katarzyna Kołaczyk},
  journal={Journal of Ultrasonography},
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Abstract Abdominal hernias are usually located in the inguinal canals. Differential diagnosis of hernias should consider other pathologies, which typically occur at this site. The aim of this review paper is to present fat-containing lesions located in the inguinal canal based on both our own experience and literature. The first part of the paper describes the embryogenesis and differences in the structure and content of male and female inguinal canal. The canal is clearly wider in men, which… Expand
Spermatic Cord Lipoma—A Review of the Literature
Spermatic Cord lipoma is a common finding in inguinal hernia repairs and must be properly diagnosed and treated with care respecting the anatomy of the spermatic cord. Expand
Intraoperative management of spermatic cord lipomas: a systematic review
Cord lipomas can be the source of symptoms that clinically resemble groin hernias and removal of the lipoma seems to alleviate symptoms in most patients, so the surgeon should always consider removing cord lipomas when they are encountered perioperatively. Expand
Intraoperative handling of spermatic cord lipomas during inguinal hernia repair: a nationwide survey
Insight is gained into how surgeons typically manage Cord lipomas found during inguinal hernia surgery, why the surgeons predominantly preferred to resect and remove cord lipomas, and why the patients’ hernia resembling symptoms could persist. Expand
Dedifferentiated liposarcoma of the spermatic cord: Case report and review of literature
An initial complete resection with wide margins without the use of adjuvant therapy with aggressive long-term surveillance is recommended for liposarcomas. Expand


US of the Inguinal Canal: Comprehensive Review of Pathologic Processes with CT and MR Imaging Correlation.
  • M. Revzin, D. Ersahin, +4 authors L. Scoutt
  • Medicine
  • Radiographics : a review publication of the Radiological Society of North America, Inc
  • 2016
Ultrasonography has a fundamental role in the initial examination of patients who present with symptoms indicating abnormalities of the inguinal canal and is often the modality initially used to detect neoplasms arising from or invading the IC. Expand
CT of inguinal canal lipomas and fat‐containing inguinal hernias
  • S. Fataar
  • Medicine
  • Journal of medical imaging and radiation oncology
  • 2011
This pictorial essay highlights the differentiating diagnostic features of inguinal canal lipomas and fat‐containing inguinals hernias. Expand
Inguinal canal tumors of adulthood.
Surgical treatment of paratesticular tumors is fundamental in order to determine the histology so as to define the correct follow-up for each patient. Expand
Inguinal canal ‘lipoma’
It is demonstrated that the inguinal canal ‘lipoma’ is a common feature in an adult male population and may be of sufficient size to cause clinical misdiagnosis. Expand
Lipomas of the Cord and Round Ligament
Lipomas of the cord and round ligament occur with a significant incidence and can cause hernia-type symptoms in the absence of a true hernia (associated with a peritoneal defect) and should be considered in the patient with groin pain and normal examination results. Expand
US of the tunica vaginalis testis: anatomic relationships and pathologic conditions.
US findings in combination with clinical assessment can indicate whether nonsurgical management or testis-sparing surgery is warranted, and some characteristic findings may help in planning the best surgical approach. Expand
Missed lipoma of the spermatic cord
When patients present with a groin mass, exploration of the preperitoneal space and cord structures is indicated during TAPP repair, even in the presence of a normal-appearing abdominal floor. Expand
Liposarcoma of the spermatic cord masquerading as an incarcerated inguinal hernia.
A patient presented with a new-onset inguinoscrotal swelling that was misdiagnosed preoperatively as an incarcerated indirect hernia and the treatment for a spermatic cord liposarcoma is radical orchiectomy with high ligation of the cord. Expand
From the archives of the AFIP: extratesticular scrotal masses: radiologic-pathologic correlation.
Magnetic resonance imaging can be very helpful in the evaluation of some of these disorders, allowing for a more specific diagnosis in cases of lipoma, fibrous pseudotumor, and polyorchidism. Expand
Sonography in Identification of Abdominal Wall Lesions Presenting as Palpable Masses
  • S. Gokhale
  • Medicine
  • Journal of ultrasound in medicine : official journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
  • 2006
The different layers of the abdominal wall could be clearly shown on high‐frequency sonography, and the abdomen wall abnormalities were recognized in all the patients. Expand