Differential antigen processing by dendritic cell subsets in vivo.

  title={Differential antigen processing by dendritic cell subsets in vivo.},
  author={Diana Dudziak and Alice O Kamphorst and Gordon F Heidkamp and Veit R. Buchholz and Christine Trumpfheller and Sayuri Yamazaki and Cheolho Cheong and Kang Liu and Han Woong Lee and Chae Gyu Park and Ralph Marvin Steinman and Michel C. Nussenzweig},
  volume={315 5808},
Dendritic cells (DCs) process and present self and foreign antigens to induce tolerance or immunity. In vitro models suggest that induction of immunity is controlled by regulating the presentation of antigen, but little is known about how DCs control antigen presentation in vivo. To examine antigen processing and presentation in vivo, we specifically targeted antigens to two major subsets of DCs by using chimeric monoclonal antibodies. Unlike CD8+ DCs that express the cell surface protein CD205… CONTINUE READING
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