Differential Time Signaling Data-Link Architecture

  title={Differential Time Signaling Data-Link Architecture},
  author={Mostafa Rashdan and Abdel Yousif and J. Haslett and B. Maundy},
  journal={Journal of Signal Processing Systems},
  • Mostafa Rashdan, Abdel Yousif, +1 author B. Maundy
  • Published 2013
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Signal Processing Systems
  • A new time-based high-speed data-link architecture, which we call Differential time Signaling (DTS) is presented. A clock pulse is embedded in the transmitted signal and is used as a time reference against which the rising and falling data pulse edge timings are compared. Using the DTS approach, data encoding is achieved by spacing the time between the embedded clock edges and the data pulse edges using a hierarchical time-delay resolution assignment to each bit in the data sequence. The… CONTINUE READING
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