Differential Geometry Applied to Acoustics: Non Linear Propagation in Reissner Beams

  title={Differential Geometry Applied to Acoustics: Non Linear Propagation in Reissner Beams},
  author={Jo{\"e}l Bensoam},
  booktitle={International Conference on Geometric Science of Information},
  • J. Bensoam
  • Published in
    International Conference on…
    3 April 2013
  • Mathematics
Although acoustics is one of the disciplines of mechanics, its “geometrization” is still limited to a few areas. As shown in the work on nonlinear propagation in Reissner beams, it seems that an interpretation of the theories of acoustics through the concepts of differential geometry can help to address the non-linear phenomena in their intrinsic qualities. This results in a field of research aimed at establishing and solving dynamic models purged of any artificial nonlinearity by taking… 
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