Differential Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization (DEEPSO): A Successful Hybrid

  title={Differential Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization (DEEPSO): A Successful Hybrid},
  author={Vladimiro Miranda and Rui A. F. S. Alves},
  journal={2013 BRICS Congress on Computational Intelligence and 11th Brazilian Congress on Computational Intelligence},
This paper explores, with numerical case studies, the performance of an optimization algorithm that is a variant of EPSO, the Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization method. EPSO is already a hybrid approach that may be seen as a PSO with self-adaptive weights or an Evolutionary Programming approach with a self-adaptive recombination operator. The new hybrid DEEPSO retains the self-adaptive properties of EPSO but borrows the concept of rough gradient from Differential Evolution algorithms. The… CONTINUE READING
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