Differential CDK-inhibitor gene expression in aging human diploid fibroblasts.

  title={Differential CDK-inhibitor gene expression in aging human diploid fibroblasts.},
  author={Henry Hei Wong and Karl T. Riabowol},
  journal={Experimental gerontology},
  volume={31 1-2},
Cellular aging is accompanied by a reduction in proliferative activity and changes in gene expression. To further elucidate the mRNA phenotype of aging fibroblasts we have monitored the expression of an array of genes implicated in regulating cell-cycle progression. Fourteen genes, including 3 cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitors (p16INK4, p21SDI/CIP/WAF and p27KIP), 5 cyclins, 4 CDKs, Cdi-1, and PCNA were tested in four primary fibroblast strains. Relative mRNA expression levels were… CONTINUE READING

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