Differentiable periodic maps

  title={Differentiable periodic maps},
  author={Pierre E. Conner and Edwin E. Floyd},
1. The bordism groups. This note presents an outline of the authors' efforts to apply Thorn's cobordism theory [ó] to the study of differentiable periodic maps. First, however, we shall outline our scheme for computing the oriented bordism groups of a space [ l ] . These preliminary remarks bear on a problem raised by Milnor [4]. A finite manifold is the finite disjoint union of compact connected manifolds with boundary each of which carries a O-differential structure. The boundary of a finite… 

Topological proof of the G-signature theorem for G finite

Part One. By considering the cyclic subgroup generated by a given element, we may restrict our attention to cyclic group actions. By a Zd manifold (g, M) we will mean a smooth, oriented, compact

On bordism invariance of an obstruction to topological embeddings

Let/: M -• N be a continuous map of a smooth closed ra-dimensional manifold into a smooth ^-dimensional manifold with k = n — m>0. In [2] we have defined a primary obstruction Θ1(f)eHm_k(M;Z2) to the


THIS paper is a continuation of our earlier “Actions of Compact Lie Groups on Aspherical Manifolds” [3]. Our emphasis here is shifted away from aspherical manifolds. We find that a satisfactory

The fixed-point construction in equivariant bordism

Consider the bordism fl (G) of smooth G-actions. If AT is a subgroup of G, with normalizer NK, there is a standard NK/ Af-action on £2 (ÍQ(A11, Proper). If M has a smooth G-action, a tubular

A marriage of manifolds and algebra : the mathematical work of Peter Landweber

It is no accident that Peter Landweber’s career closely matches the striking unification of algebra and topology provided by the theory of bordism of manifolds, especially complex bordism: his work

Equivariant almost complex structures on quasi-toric manifolds

Let M be an oriented closed compact manifold. Then M is said to be quasi-toric over a simple polytope P n ([1], [2]) if: 1) there is a locally standard action of the torus T n on M; 2) there exists a


Free cyclic actions on a closed oriented (weakly almost complex, respectively) manifold which preserve the orientation (weakly comnplex structure) are considered from the viewpoint of equivariant

Bordism and Involutions

Let X be a topological space with A c X a subspace, and let z-: (X, A) (X, A) be an involution; i.e., a continuous map z-: X X with square the identity and such that MA c A. Combining the notions of

Generators for the bordism algebra of immersions

Let us denote by I(n, k) the group of bordism classes of immersions of closed smooth n-manifolds in closed smooth (n + k)-manifolds (k > 0) . We can make I(*, k) into a graded algebra over the

On the stable classification of spin four-manifolds

The stable classification of closed connected topological r espectively smooth fourmanifolds (with orientation or spin structure) via bordism theory is a very nice result in topology of manifolds,



Determination of the Cobordism Ring

The cobordism ring was first defined by R. Thom [15], and is sometimes known as the Thom algebra. Consider the set of closed oriented manifolds of dimension k (here, and throughout this paper, all

Bordism and Cobordism

In (10), (11) Wall determined the structure of the cobordism ring introduced by Thom in (9). Among Wall's results is a certain exact sequence relating the oriented and unoriented cobordism groups.

Quelques propriétés globales des variétés différentiables

Le présent article donne la démonstration des résultats que j'ai annoncés dans quatre Notes aux Comptes-Rendus [28]1). Il est divisé en quatre chapitres. Le premier chapitre élabore une technique

M n ) be an oriented action with a finite number of fixed points, then every Pontrjagin number Si lt

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