Different strokes: Pap‐test and Babes method are not one and the same

  title={Different strokes: Pap‐test and Babes method are not one and the same},
  author={Aristidis Diamantis and Emmanouil Magiorkinis and George Androutsos},
  journal={Diagnostic Cytopathology},
We would like to thank Dr. Pampuccian for his challenging criticism on our article, and must acknowledge that Dr. Aurel Babes did indeed make an important contribution to the methodology of his times while researching cervical cancer. However, we are not fully convinced that Aurel Babes should be credited along with George Papanicolaou in the development of the Pap-test. As Dr. Pampuccian states, techniques for studying cells from imprints and secretions had already been described before Babes… Expand
A brief chronicle of cytology: From Janssen to Papanicolaou and beyond
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