Different presentations of ophthalmic aspergillosis.

  title={Different presentations of ophthalmic aspergillosis.},
  author={François Willermain and Christophe Bradstreet and Stelianos Kampouridis and Jacques Libert and Paul Koch and Anne Dediste and Sven Saussez and Laure E Caspers},
  journal={European journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={18 5},
PURPOSE Aspergillus species is found worldwide and does not normally cause disease. However, when the immune system is compromised, it can invade many organs and be responsible for severe disease. The authors present cases with both classical and atypical features of ophthalmic aspergillosis. METHODS Case series of three patients. RESULTS All patients were female and had a long history of methylprednisolone use. The first two presented with endogenous endophthalmitis. One case was… CONTINUE READING