Different organ preferences by the same strain of Trichomonas gallinae in different host species.

  title={Different organ preferences by the same strain of Trichomonas gallinae in different host species.},
  author={Richard M. Kocan},
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  • R. Kocan
  • Published 1 October 1969
  • Biology
  • The Journal of parasitology
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Oropharyngeal trichomonads in wild birds

This chapter summarizes the most important features of the disease, including the biology, the diagnosis and treatment options, and describes the recent scientific advances in the pathology, epidemiology and control of the Disease.

Some Studies on Trichomoniasis of Pigeons at Qualiobia Governorate

The histopathological examination revealed that the proventriculus of naturally infected pigeons and treated with metronidazole showed mild congestion in the blood vessels with mild leukocytic infiltration mainly heterophils in the submucosa, which is the highest in the spring season.

Avian trichomoniasis: a study of lesions and relative prevalence in a variety of captive and free-living bird species as seen in an Australian avian practice.

This paper aims to provide a database of incidence studies of avian trichomoniasis for free-living birds, and occasionally for captive birds.